Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sleeping pills are not the answer

Insomnia is a prominent health issue.

Euromonitor International's consumer health data show that calming and sleeping products were the eighth most popular type of over the counter medication purchased in 2011 at a global level.

In February 2012, the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ) published a study which is bound to send droves of consumers searching for natural alternatives to hypnotics, the medical term for prescription sleeping pills.

Cherries and cherry products could well play a part in satisfying the growing need for natural sleeping aids. In August 2011, the European Journal of Nutrition published another piece of research backing up cherries' sleep-enhancing properties. Tart cherries, like the Montmorency variety used in this study, contain high levels of melatonin, a substance intricately involved in the regulation of human sleep patterns. The researchers concluded that the ingestion of tart cherry juice concentrate did indeed improve sleep duration and quality in healthy men and women.

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