Friday, 20 April 2012

Virgin London Marathon - Day 2!

Well it was a really eventful first day at the Virgin London Marathon exhibition with people from all over the world getting ready for Sunday’s race. Men and Women, Boys and girls, young and old, they were all represented and our stand at Choose Cherries was inundated with sampling requests as more people become aware of the benefits of drinking cherry juice and tart cherries in general. 

The race on Sunday is one of the world’s premier Marathon events and whilst international athletes will compete for the prestige of winning such a race, and the prizes on offer, many many more will smply be looking to prove a lot of personal points. Some are runninng in memory of a loved one, whilst others are using the race as a showcase for charity and are major fundraising opportunities.

Today - Friday - has been busier than yesterday and you can feel the buzz as the race looms ever closer!

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